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Leirubakki Horsefarm news

10.3.2015 10:24:00

Vökull frá Leirubakka

This is our young stallion Vökull frá Leirubakka in training with Jóhann Kr. Ragnarsson. Vökull is born 2011 so he will become 4 years old now this summer. He is becoming quite good, but the photos were taken in the snow few days ago when Jóhann showed us the stallion.

Vökull is after our old mare Embla, who scored 8.21 in a breeding valuation at Landsmót 1994, and she is a mother of many 1st pr breeding horses. The father of Vökull is stallion Héđinn frá Feti. He has the remarkable notes of 8.62 in a breeding show; 8.33 for conformation and 8.80 for ridability!

The plan is to have young Vökull evaluated this spring if everything is going as planned.


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