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Leirubakki Horsefarm news

13.4.2015 15:50:00

Gold for Fríđa and Nös frá Leirubakka!

Fríđa Hansen riding the Leirubakki-mare Nös frá Leirubakka, won the Tölt Wintercompetition 2015 in the Young riders class at the riding club Geysir in Hella, South-Iceland las weekend. Fríđa Hansen won all the 3 competitions this winter, so she received total 30 pionts out of 30! Fríđa also won this competition last year riding Nös frá Leirubakka, then with the total score of 29 points. Club Geysir is one of the largest riding clubs in Iceland.

Nös frá Leirubakka is from our breeding in both the mothers- and fathers line. She is after first pr parents Höll and stallion Vćringi. Nös is a great tölt-horse and she is becoming better and stronger all the time.

We look forward to see Fríđa and Nös on the track in the coming months and years.


The photos shows when Fríđa had received her rewards togehter with the competatives. Fríđa and Nös are to left in the row.


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