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 Leirubakki Horsefarm news

10.3.2015 10:24:00

Vökull frá Leirubakka


This is our young stallion Vökull frá Leirubakka in training with Jóhann Kr. Ragnarsson. Vökull is born 2011 so he will become 4 years old now this summer. He is becoming quite good, but the photos were taken in the snow few days ago when Jóhann showed us the stallion.

Vökull is after our old mare Embla, who scored 8.21 in a breeding valuation at Landsmót 1994, and she is a mother of many 1st pr breeding horses. The father of Vökull is stallion Héđinn frá Feti. He has the remarkable notes of 8.62 in a breeding show; 8.33 for conformation and 8.80 for ridability!

The plan is to have young Vökull evaluated this spring if everything is going as planned.

6.3.2015 14:51:00

Móđa frá Leirubakka


This is one of our young mares; Móđa frá Leirubakka. She is born 2010, so she will be 5 years later this year. She is after one of Leirubakki´s broodmares, Brún frá Árbakka, but she was after stallion Hljómur frá Brún and Sokka from Árbakka whos was of the Kolkuósi-bloodline. Móđa´s father is first pr stallion Kvistur frá Skagaströnd.

Móđa is a 4-gated horse, with unusually beautiful movements on tölt and trot, always becoming better and better. We belive she will be VERY good one day!

The photos were taken now in march when Matthias Leó Matthiasson showed her to us, after a few weeks of training. The photos will talk for themselves.

6.3.2015 13:17:00

Fríđa and Hekla at lake Svínavatn


Fríđa Hansen riding her mare Hekla frá Leirubakka did very well at the ice-competition at lake Svínavatn, North-Iceland in end of February. They scored 7.17 in tölt in the professional group and came as nr 4 into the final were they ended up in seat nr 7. Very good result in the first competition among the best!

Hekla is after our mare Embla and famous stallion Keilir frá Miđsiju. The photos are from lake Svínavatn, Fríđa and Hekla in the final.

5.3.2015 15:01:00

Hrannar frá Leirubakka

Hrannar is a black gelding we are training, he is very promising and a material for a high quality competition horse in tölt, 4-gait and later on also in 5-gate.

Hrannar is after our stallion Vćringi we sold to Germany few years ago, and his mother is also from our breeding, Sylla. She is a first pr broodmare, now  in Denmark  but  her father, first pr stallion Tyr, we sold to USA some years ago.

The photos we took few days ago when trainer Matthías Leó Matthíasson was training Hrannar.

4.3.2015 10:43:00

Kvika from Leirubakka scored 9.10 in ice-competition!


Our mare Kvika frá Leirubakka and her rider Jóhann Kr. Ragnarsson did very well on a Ice-Tölt Competition on lake Svínavatn in North-Iceland last weekend. They scored 9.10 in the 4-gate competition and received the highest marks of all the competatives. The Ice-Tölt on lake Svínavatn is an annual event and very popular among riders from all over Iceland. This year around 100 riders and horses  took part in the competition.

Trainer Jóhann Ragnarsson was also on the top in the 5-gate competiton were he won..........

3.3.2015 11:22:00

Oddaverji from Leirubakka


Our stallion Oddaverji frá Leirubakka is now in training and he is becoming better and better; with high leg action and big steps, great on both tölt and trot, but the pace will come later on. The plan is to take the stallion to some competitions the next weeks and months, but he has two times competed so far, and was in the final both times with his trainer Matthías Leó Matthíasson. The photos are of Oddaverji and Matthías when they were enjoyng the good weather 2. March 2015.

Oddaverji is after one of...........

27.2.2015 15:41:00

Gjóska frá Leirubakka becoming better and stronger!


Our mare Gjóska frá Leirubakka is now in training, and she is getting both better and stronger every day almost. The trainer is Matthías Leó Matthíasson. Gjóska was trained last year by Jóhann Kr. Ragnarsson, and he showed her in a breeding valuation at the Landsmost 2014 in Hella. The plan is to have Gjóska evaluated again now in May/June 2015, when she will be 5 years old.

Gjóska is after our old first pr mare Embla, and Gjóska´s father is two times World Champion in tölt, stallion Hnokki frá Fellskoti.

The photos we took today, February 27th, in the good weather.

10.2.2015 14:36:00

Tölt competition in Hella: Gold medal for Fríđa Hansen and Nös frá Leirubakka


Fríđa Hansen riding Nös frá Leirubakka won the Winter Tölt-Competition for young riders at the riding hall Rangárhöllin in Hella last weekend. Fríđa did also compete in the group of professional riders on her mare Hekla frá Leirubakka, and they ended up in 5th plcae in the final. Leirubakki did also have another horse in the final of the professional group; Matthias Leó Matthiasson became number 7  riding 5 years old stallion Oddaverji frá Leirubakka.


Nös frá Leirubakka is after our old broodmare 

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