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Hotel Leirubakki

Hotel Leirubakki is a brand new hotel built to enhance the decades-long tradition of tourist services at Leirubakki, where thousands of people visit each year.  We are dedicated to professional, personal service, striving to meet every individual’s needs.


The hotel has a warm, beautiful lobby and hot tubs outside along the wall.  Guests also have use of a sauna and a larger swimming pool, the Viking Pool.


The restaurant in Hekla Center is first-class.  The elegant room harmonizes with the stunning scenery, which is highlighted by views of the mountains Hekla and Búrfell.


Hotel Leirubakki has excellent facilities for meetings and conferences, and its staff has extensive experience in organizing wedding receptions, mystery tours, incentive tours, family reunions, and all sorts of other gatherings.


Leirubakki is only 100 km from Reykjavík, on good, paved road the whole way.  It lies in the heart of South Iceland and most historical sites and natural wonders of this part of the country are within one hour’s drive.


Hotel Leirubakki and the Hekla Center welcome guests all year round.  The area is renowned for its natural beauty and its good weather.  There are outstanding views in all directions and little is better than relaxing in the hotel’s hot tubs or pool, whether under the midnight sun of summer or sparkling northern lights and stars in winter.


  • New hotel, new restaurant.
  • A powerful and informative exhibition about Mount Hekla.
  • First-class accommodation and dining.
  • High-speed Internet connection.
  • Planning and organization of all types of special events.
  • Popular spot for weddings and wedding receptions.
  • One of the best scenic locations in the country.
  • All of the main tourist attractions of South Iceland within reach.
  • Horse rental and numerous other forms of recreation offered.
  • Salmon and trout fishing.
  • Camping.
  • Shop (for tourists).
  • Travel and recreation advice for tourists.
  • We help find and organize recreational activities and such as hiking, scenic flights, golf, river rafting, and much more.
  • Beautiful mountain views under the midnight sun.
  • Glorious northern lights in winter.


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