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6.7.2011 16:41:00

Horse riding in beautiful landscape

The horse riding tours in Leirubakki are becoming more popular every year and this time of year is the best season to ride in the warmth of the summer in the picturesque land of the upper part of Landsveit. We can offer a variety of trips, everything from one hour to the whole.....

25.5.2011 14:01:12

Volcano eruption over

The Grimsv÷tn volcanoeruption now seems to be in its dying stages. In the last 24 hrs activity has been decreasing. Last night the ash plum reached only about 2-3 km into the air and this morning eyewitness reprorts told that its power was fading and only puffs of steam were coming out of the crater. Scientist will be flying over the crater later this morning to assess the situation. As is with nature there is always........

23.5.2011 13:18:16

Hotel Leirubakki is open as usual

- Eruption unlikely to have the same impact as Eyjafjallajokull in 2010. Iceland Ś May 22, 2011 Ś The eruption at Grimsvotn volcano is not expected to be a big one and is already beginning to decline in strength, according to the Icelandic Meteorological Office. South Iceland Marketing Office advises........

18.5.2011 14:16:00

Chinese tourists in Leirubakki

Yesterday we had a small group of chinese tourists for lunch at the Hekla Center in Leirubakki. After flying around the south from Reykjavik, for exempel to Thingvellir, Langjokull and mountain Hekla, they had lunch and a visit to the Hekla exhibition in the Hekla Center in ca. two hour stop, before flying on to Eyjafjallajokull

20.4.2011 16:27:46

Leirubakki┤s location

South Iceland's nature waterfalls, geysir, lava, coast and so much more. You can experience something you have never done before. Don't forget the nature. Take a look at live video around us here at Leirubakki in the middle of South Iceland's nature paradise

2.2.2011 10:38:00

Helicopter service

It is now possible to book long or short trips in a helicopter directly from Leirubakki. You can take a short flight to the top of the volcano Hekla, or a little longer one, to Landmannalaugar for a bath in the warm creek, to the unique lakes Vei­iv÷tn with their fascinating colours and tranquillity, or to any other place in the South of Iceland. The tour can also begin in ReykjavÝk with.........

16.11.2010 22:50:00

Christmas buffet at Hotel Leirubakki

The well known christmas buffets at Hotel Leirubakki and the Heklacenter are soon beginning. Why not grab the oportunity and come to Iceland for a splendid weekend?

4.6.2010 14:04:00

The camping place at Leirubakki is now open

The popular camping place at Leirubakki is now open. The camping place is a popular place for people who are on their way to mt Hekla or the beautiful Landmannalaugar. A bus from Reykjavik city stops at Leirubakki every day this summer.

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