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19.7.2012 13:20:00

Many horses in training at Leirubakki

We are now working with quite many horses here at Leirubakki Horsefarm as we usually do at this time of the year. The stable is therefore quite a happy and busy place every day, because this is also the most busy time for horse riding tours, and most days we have visitors from all over the world for longer and shorter tours in the...........

29.6.2012 10:09:00

Kvika from Leirubakki!

Our 4 years mare Kvika from Leirubakki did very well at the breeding show atLandsmot in Reykjavik 2012, and ended up as one of the five best mares inher age group with the total score of 8.17. Great result for a four yearsold 4-gated mare!For conformation Kvika has 8.17, and for ridability 8.17. She has threetimes 9.0: For tolt, for willingness and for form under rider. Since the training of........

29.6.2012 09:36:00

Hekla from Leirubakki did very well at Landsmót!

Our mare Hekla from Leirubakki did very well at the breeding evaluation at the 2012 Landsmot in Reykjavik. Her total score is now 8.28, so she has improved a lot since earlier this year. For conformation she has 8.04 with 9.0 neck and shoulders as the highest note. For ridingabilities she got 8.44: Tolt: 8.5. Trot: 8.0. Flying pace: 8.5. Gallop: 8.0. Willingness: 9.0. Form under rider: 8.5. Walk: 8.0. Slow tolt: 8.5. Slow gallop: 8.0. Hekla is a daughter of our...............

16.5.2012 13:54:39

Hekla from Leirubakka qualified for Landsmót

The mare Hekla from Leirubakka has now been judged at a breeding show in Selfoss, South-Iceland, and she won the right to compete at the Landsmot in Reykjavik 2012. For conformation Hekla has 8,04 and for ridability 8,34, total score is 8,22. Hekla is six years old, colour is dark bay and she is after first prize horses Embla from Arbakki and Keilir from Midsitja. Rider is Elvar Ţormarsson. Click more to see the video.

21.4.2012 15:57:00

Waiting for the foals of 2012!

Now the spring is here in Iceland, the days are getting longer and longer, even if it´s still cold and still frost almost every night. Now we have moved the broodmares to a new field were they will wait to have their foals this year. This new field has shelter for the wind from all directions, a lot of hay, fresh water and no disturbance from other horses. The foals we are expecting here at Leirubakki Horsebreedingfarm this year are after these.......

18.3.2012 11:15:00

Stallion Kyndill trained in the nice weather!

It was a very beautiful weather here March 15th, so we took a look at the training of our stallion Kyndill from Leirubakka. He is in quite good shape now and his tolt is getting better and better. He is already quite good on slow temper tölt and the speed is also growing. He is nice and friendly to work with, and has very good willingness. His trainer is Marjolijn Tiepen. We look forward to see..............

6.3.2012 18:36:00

Eyvör from Leirubakki in training

The mare Eyvör from Leirubakki is now in training with Matthias Leo Matthiasson, and she is now coming into quite a good shape. Eyvör has good willingness and high legaction, but needs still more balance and speed on the tölt. Eyvör was first trained a little bit in year 2010, but we had t ostop then because of the horseillness we had in Iceland at that time, and training started again now last december. Last year she had............

27.1.2012 16:12:15

Young mares in training

Around ten young mares are now in training here at Leirubakki Horse Farm, most of them are after first prize parents, well known stallions and our broodmares here at the farm. One of them is Eyvor from Leirubakki, a daughter of the famous stallion Hugi from Hafsteinsstadir and 1st pr mare Embla from Arbakki. Eyvor is big, very elegant mare, chestnut with a star and light mane and tail. Another mare is bay-pinto Skemma from Leirubakki. She is after stallion Léttir from Arbakki, now in Denmark, and her mother is.........

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