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The "Songhus"


The Song Room


Many of the buildings at Leirubakki have stood there for many years and have recently been renovated.  Some still fill their old roles, such as the sheephouse and the stable, while others are now used differently.  One of these is the farm’s old ewe-shed, which was rebuilt, named the Song Room, and taken into use in 1997.




In place of the bleating of sheep, the building now hosts hugely entertaining evenings of song.  The Song Room can accomodate groups of up to 100 people, and Song Room barbecues are extremely popular—many groups hold banquets there, for instance when family reunions, weddings, or other special events and banquets are held at Leirubakki.


Ásgeir Auđunsson, farmer and former Fell King at Minni-Vellir in Landsveit expertly repaired and rebuilt the walls of the Song Hall and added a new washroom.  He also renovated the old smokehouse, which stands next to the Song House.


There the farm’s hangikjöt is smoked, as well as trout from Veiđivatn:  Leirubakki is one of the farms that owns permits for both pole- and net-fishing at Veiđivatn in the Landmanna Pastures.


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