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Hekla Exhibition


The exhibition on Hekla and the Hekla eruptions is a stylish and informative exhibition about the most famous and active volcano in Iceland.  The exhibition has photographs and illustrations of Hekla from a wide variety of angles, as well as numerous film clips from the Hekla eruptions of the 20th century, all revealing the variety of consequences of these eruptions.


Seismometers show the constant movements in the mountain, and special technology provides a lava stream that runs beneath the floor of the exhibition hall and ends in a huge, glowing magma crater.  The booming sounds of an eruption magnify the exhibition’s effect.


Told are folktales concerning Hekla and the story of human life and habitation in the vicinity of the volcano.  The mountain’s eruptions and destruction are explained, as well attempts to stave off its devastating effects, such as through the Hekla Forest Project, which hopes to counter soil erosion by reclaiming parts of the areas that Hekla eruptions have destroyed.


The exhibition was designed by Árni Páll Jóhannsson.  The texts on Hekla’s geography were written by Ari Trausti Guðmundsson.  Gagarin ehf set up the exhibition.


See more photos from the collection.


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