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Stallions at Leirubakki 2011.


As always we will  use many different stallions for our mares at Leirubakki horse breeding farm during the spring and summer 2011. Some of the stallions are our own, other we have transported our mares to, some are young and promising, other are well known, great and famous, high evaluated 1st prize stallions.

            The stallions from our own breeding we used are the black Askur from Leirubakki and the dun Kyndill from Leirubakki. Both very nice horses we have high expectations for.

            We will  also use these stallions for our mares:  Máttur from Leirubakki, Hedinn from Feti, Glymur from Flekkudal, Möller from Blesastadir, Krakur from Blesastadir, Águstinus from Melaleiti,  Eldjarn from Tjaldholar, Loki from Selfoss,  Kvistur from Skagastrond and Stali from Kjarr. All the stallions are high evaluated 1st pr stallions.


            For more information and photos see the list below


Thröstur from Holar



Bay, born 2002.
F: IS1996187983 - Forseti from  Vorsabae II
M: IS1978258301 - Thra from Holar.





Ljóri from Hofdi.



Palomino with a star and snip, born 2009.

F: Ţokki from Kýrholti.

M: Sníkja from Höfda.





Ljori is a very beautiful and promising young stallion of an interesting bloodline.
He is serving some mares at Leirubakki this summer for the first time.




Svaki from Midsitju



Black with a star born 1999.

F: Hugi from Hafsteinsstadir.

M: Katla from Midsitja.




            Svaki is a very well known stallion and a competitionhorse in Iceland, and he was Reykjavik Champion in 5-gate with his  trainer, Sigurdur Vignir Matthiasson in 2007. Svaki is 5-gated, powerful but very nice charackter a very expressive stallion. His notes for ridability is total 8,50. For conformation 8,20 and total 8,38.



Máttur from Leirubakki



Black, born 2003.

F: Keilir from Midsitja.

M: Hrafnkatla from Leirubakki.






            Mattur is a very well known stallion and a competitionhorse in Iceland, and the last months he has been on the top with his new trainer, Sigurdur Vignir Matthiasson in many shows. Mattur is 5-gated, powerful and very expressive stallion. His notes for ridability is total 8,57. His mother is the famous broodmare Hrafnkatla from Leirubakki, she has 9,0 for trot, tolt, charakter, willingness and form under the rider, and 10,0 for walk!




Askur from Leirubakki



Black, born 2006

F: Aron from Strandarhofud

M: Gryla from Arbakki



            Askur is a beautiful young, 5-gated stallion, very positive in the first monthss of training.  We already have some beautiful foals from him.




Kyndill from Leirubakki




Dun with a star, born 2006

F: Keilir from Midsitja

M: Solveig from Arbakki






            Big and beautiful young stallion, likes to run on tolt and trot with high movements.  Kyndill has been in training with the famous trainer Elvar Thormarsson the last months, and he is becoming a great horse, great movements, friendly, willing to work, 5-gated.



Glymur from Flekkudalur



Dark bay, born 2003.

F: Keilir from Midsitja.

M: Pyttla from Flekkudalur.



             Glymur is without any doubts one of the most famous stallion in Iceland today. He has scored 8,79 for ridability at a breeding-evaluation, and he is also Icelandic Champion in 5-gated sport, and he has taken part in various shows and competitions all over Iceland. This year the plan is to take him to the World Championship for Icelandic horses in Austria. Wi will have foals after Glymur this year at Leirubakki and we look forward to bring mares to him again in the summer of 2011!




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