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Stallions at Leirubakki 2009.


As always we used many different stallions for our mares at Leirubakki horse breeding farm during the spring and summer 2009. Some of the stallions are our own, other we have transported our mares to, some are young and promising, other are well known, high evaluated 1st prize stallions.

            The stallions from our own breeding we used are the black Askur from Leirubakki and the dun Kyndill from Leirubakki. Both very nice horses we have high expectations for.

            We also used these stallions for our mares:  Hnokki from Fellskot, Glymur from Skeljabrekka, Eldjarn from Tjaldholar, Vokull from Arbaer, Kvistur from Skagastrond and Stali from Kjarr. All the stallions are high evaluated 1st pr stallions, except Vokull from Arbaer, he is still young but from a unique breeding line, sire is Aron from Strandarhofud and his dam is Vigdis from Fet.


            For more information and photos see the list below:

Askur from Leirubakki



Black, born 2006

F: Aron from Strandarhofud

M: Gryla from Arbakki

            Askur is a beautiful young, 5-gated stallion, very positive in the first weeks of training.



Kyndill from Leirubakki



Dun with a star, born 2006

F: Keilir from Midsitja

M: Solveig from Arbakki

            Big and beautiful young stallion, likes to run on tolt and trot with high movements.



Eldjarn from Tjaldholar



Chestnut, born 2000

F: Hugi from Hafsteinsstadir

M: Hera from Jadar


            Eldjarn is one of Iceland´s best known stallion. He is evaluated with the total score of 8,55 in breedingevaluation; 8,09 for conformation and the amazing note 8,85 for rideability, almost unbelivebly high for a horse not showing pace, but Eldjarn has 9,5 for tolt, trot and form under the rider and 10 for willingness and character! Eldjarn and his trainer Gudmundur Bjorgvinsson have also very often been successful in sortcompetitions all over Iceland


Hnokki from Fellskot



Yellow dun born 2003

F: Hrynjandi from Hreppholar

M: Hnota from Fellskot


            Hnokki is one of the most talentful and expressive stallions in Iceland the last years. He has  8,42 for conformation, 8,58 for rideability and 8,52 total score. He is 4-gated, but has 9,0 fyrir tolt, trot and form under the rider. The photo shows Hinrik Bragason riding  Hnokki, but they were very successful on the competitiontracks in 2009.



Vokull from Arbaer



Black, born 2006

F: Aron from Strandarhofud

M: Vigdís from Fet

            Very beautiful and promishing stallion. One should not be surprised if he shows up at Landsmot in Iceland in 2010!



Kvistur from Skagastrond



Black with star and snip, born 2006

F: Hrodur from Refsstadir

M: Sunna from Akranes


            Kvistur is a great horse, great stallion. He has been evaluated with  8,58 as a stallion; conformation: 8,26; rideabilty: 8,79. Very interesting to see his notes: 9,0 for tolt, trot, pace and willingness!  Not bad for a 5 years old horse. Erlingur Erlingsson trainer is riding Kvistur on this photo.



Glymur from Skeljabrekka



Silver-dapple, born  2001

F: Gaukur from Innri-Skeljabrekka

M: Þyrla from Nordtunga

            Glymur is a colourful and expressive 5-gated stallion with the total score 8,38;   conformation 7,98 and 8,65 for rideability.



Stali from Kjarri



Blue dun, born  1998

F: Galsi from Saudarkrokur

M: Jónina frá Hali


            Stali is without a doubt one of Iceland´s best stallion, high quality 5-gated horse. He has for conformation 8,26, for rideability 9,09. Total score: 8,76. Rider is Daniel Jonsson.

























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