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Horses for sale

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Horses for sale
At Leirubakki is always a wide range of quality horses for sale.  Breeding horses, riding horses and young horses. The following list gives an example of the variety of horses we have for sale.

World Champion ?
If you are looking for horses of the highest quality, even a material for the world games, we might have
the right horse for you.  We always have for sale top quality horses, stallions, mares and geldings. If we do not have the right horse for you at our farm we will help you find the horse elsewhere. 

Plese also notice: at Leirubakki is a hotel and a restaurant, and the location in the mid of South-Iceland is perfect if you want to stay for a few days to look at horses and hopefully find the right one for you.

 Kápa from Leirubakka

Black and white pinto, born 2010.

Nr IS2010286703.

Father: Askur from Leirubakka.

Mother: Skýla from Árbakka.

                Kápa is a wonderful young mare in her first weeks of training. Very nice and friendly to work with. Material for a really good family/plesure horse.

 Andrá frá Leirubakka.

Yellow dun, born 2011.

IS2011286705.                                    SOLD!

Father: Kyndill frá Leirubakka.

Mother: Gola frá Leirubakka.

Big and very expressive young mare with great movements and expression  we are starting to train now. Father is competition stallion Kyndill frá Leirubakka. The pictures are showing Andrá in the stable with the saddle for the first time, and the other is showing the father, Kyndill.


Byrda frá Leirubakka.

Chestnut with windgrey mane, born 2010. 

IS2011286704.                              SOLD!

Father: Kyndill frá Leirubakka.

Mother: Barónessa frá Leirubakka.


Byrda is a beautiful mare we have just started to train. Nice character, easy to work with. Father is competition stallion Kyndill and the mother is from the famous Kolkuosi-bloodline. Photos are showing young Byrda ridden by Mette Pettersen and the other is showing  stallion Kyndill on the track ridden by Matthias Leo Matthiasson.

 Hrannar frá Leirubakka.


Black, born 2008.
Father: Vćringi frá Árbakka.
Mother: Sylla frá Árbakka.

Hrannar is a great und unusually interesting material for a competition horse both in tölt and 4-gaite. Good walk and good gallop. He has great movements and big steps, very interested in working with the rider, good willingness but at the same time easy to handle. His father is 1st pr stallion Vćringi from Árbakka. After him are now two mares judged, both with 1st pr in a breeding evaluation.

Rider on the photos is Matthias Leo Matthiasson.

Price: ISK 2.000.000.-

Glóđ frá Leirubakka.


Chestnut with a star and snip, born  2007.

F: Vćringi frá Árbakka.

M: Sokka frá Árbakka.

                A beautiful mare, easy for all riders. Could be a material for a competitionhorse in classes for children or young riders. A perfect horse for plesure riding. After her father, Vćringi from Leirubakki, we have now 2 mares judged in a breeding evaluation; Nös and Nanna. Both have first prize.

Rider is Mette Pettersen.










Sumargjöf frá Leirubakka.


Chestnut, born  2009.

F: Vćringi frá Árbakka.

M: Ţórhildur frá Árbakka.

                Very big young mare, very elegant. One of our biggest horses. 5-gated. Easy, friendly mare with good willingness. After her father we have now had breeding evaluation for two mares; Nös and Nanna from Leirubakki. Both received 1st prize.

Rider on the photos is Frida Hansen.










Stóri-Raudur fra Leirubakka






Father: Vćringi fra Arbakka

Mother: Drottning fra Karastodum


Very big and elegant horse, nice charakter and easy to handle. The father is a first price stallion and a competitionhorse, now in Germany. Stori-Raudur is born here at our farm, one owner from his day of birth.


Price: Euro 2.900.-















Beautiful young horse!


Vindur frá Leirubakka


    • Silver dapple, born 2010.
    • F: Askur frá Leirubakka.
    • M: Ţórhildur frá Árbakka.


Very elegant and expressive young gelding of interesting bloodline.  A very friendly and nice horse. Not fully trained yet, but will be a perfect family horse, a horse for real plesure riding. Colour perfect! 






Glitnir from Leirubakki

  • Baypinto, born 2008
  • Sire: Seifur from Arbakki
  • Dam: Sola from Arbakki


Glitnir is a very colourful and beautiful young horse, now been in training for some weeks. He is very friendly and strong nerved, easy to handle and quick to learn. Clear gates. 





Beautiful mares for sale!


We have for sale beautiful, black and white pinto, 5 yrs old mares for sale. Very elegant, beautiful movements, nice character. If the new buyer wants to have them exported from Iceland in foal we can have them to a great stallion in Iceland after the buyers wishes! Very good price!

For more information; www.leirubakki.is

 tel: +354 8935046




Vikingur from Fljotsholar


  • Grey, born 2003. Gelding.

  • S: Hugi from Hafsteinsstadir (1st pr).

  • M: Kria from Eyjolfsstadir.

Beautiful, safe and cleargated 4-gated horse.
 A horse for everyone; experienced or unexperienced riders, adults or children.













  • Palomino 10 years old

  • S: Oddur from Selfoss

  • M: Osp from Bakkakot   

A beautiful competittion-stallion for sale!


We have for sale the wonderful, palomino stallion Fani. 5-gated, very nice horse, easy for all riders, can be ridden in competitions both as 4-gated and 5-gated, very good tolt and trot.

Also a very good stallion for breeding.


For more information: www.leirubakki.is or call - tel: +354 893 5046






Alvar  IS2004181125


  • Black born 2004

  • S: Orri from Thufa

  • Yrsa from Skjalg   

A great stallion for sale!


Alvar, a 5 years old 5-gated stallion for sale. One of Iceland´s most interesting stallions. He has the same mother as Aron from Strandarhofud, one of Icelands best stallions, and the father is legendary Orri from Thufa.

Alvar is already evaluated as 1st pr stallion, he is beautiful, very expressive, nice character. A perfect horse for both young riders and more experienced riders, a material for a world champion in the hands of a good rider.


For more information: www.leirubakki.is or call - tel: +354 893 5046






  • Grey, born 2002
  • S: Kolfur from Kjarnholt
  • M: Fifa from Ţorunupur

A very good five gaited gelding. Faxi is now being trained at Leirubakki and is showing improvements every day now. A definate material for competition. 










Stygg from Arbakki



  • Chestnut with a star, born 2002 

  • S: Gellir from Arbakki

  • M: Stygg from Kirkjubaer   


            A big, expressive and beautiful 5-gated mare with great leg-action. The father is Gellir, one of Iceland´s best 4-gated stallions. Gellir was exported to Denmark in 2007, and was danish champion in 2008 in fourgate.


For more information: www.leirubakki.is or call - tel: +354 893 5046





Ofeigur from Arbakki


  • Yellow dun

  • S: Andri from Lynghagi

  • M: Svala from Arbakki   

Big and beautiful and colourful gelding with very nice movements. Material for a good horse, but only trained for two months.






Photos are taken at Leirubakki in sept. 2009.
Rider is Stine Kragh


Prins from Jorvik


  • Black

  • S: Galsi from Sauđarkrokur

  • M: Muska from Jorvik


Quite big and beautiful horse, strong ridinghorse, a likely material for a competition-horse both in 4-gate and tolt.


Photo shows Leirubakki´s trainer Stine Kragh training Prins at the oval track.





Djarfur from Langholt


  • Chestnut, born 2003
  • S: Markus from Langholtspartur
  • M: Mona from Midsitja

A very beautiful 5-gated horse with high legaction.
Not very much trained but a material for a competitionhorse.





Rider: Matthias Matthiasson.  


Halla from Leirubakki


  • Chestnut with a star and snip. Wind-grey mane and tail

  • S: Vćringi from Arbakki

  • M: Helga from Arbakki

             A very beautiful young mare, both parents evaluated 1st pr breedinghorses. Five gated with a lot of movements. Inbred out of the legendary stallion Feykir from Hafsteinsstadir and broodmare Embla from Arbakki.





One photo shows Halla in the pasture at Leirubakki in september 2009, but the other is her mother, Helga, here ridden by trainer Thorri Thorvaldsson.



  • Bleikalottur, born 2002
  • S: Ođur from Brun
  • M: Gnott from Flagbjarnarholt

A big and beautiful gelding, a good riding horse.


Vidir from Holtsmuli

    • Black, born 1992
    • S: Hrafn from Hrafnholar
    • M: Vaka from Hrafnholar

A big, strong and beautiful five gaited gelding. Could be used as a competition horse for a youngster group or as a good quality riding horse. His character is calm but his willingness under the writer is good. The photo is taken at Leirbakki in march 2009. Rider is Jacke Fausko. 





  • Chestnut, born 2002
  • S: Dynur frim Hvammur
  • M: Ljuf frá Budarholl

Hektor is a beautiful and very promising competition horse. Hektor is a stallion. Easy to handle and easy to ride. High leg movements. Hektor has 8,26 for confirmation and his parents are both first prize horses.




Seifur from Arbakki        

  • Black and white pinto, born 2004
  • S: Asi from Kalfholt
  • M: Sokka from Arbakki


Four year old stallion. A promising stallion with good movements and a good character.





Vćringi from Arbakki

  • Born 2003
  • S: Asi from Kalfholt
  • M: Embla from Arbakki

One of Iceland's most beautiful 1st prize stallions!
Notes for confirmation: 8,56. Rideability: Tölt: 8,5. Form under rider: 8,5. Trot and willingness /
character: 8.




Lykill from Langholt

  • Born 1996
  • S: Markus from Langholtspartur
  • M: Sunna from Raufarfell

A top quality 1st prize stallion. Grades 8,33.









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